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Reebok 4ft Codura Punchbag

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The 4ft bag is designed for both close and long arm bag sessions and maintains its perfect balance by the use of four hanging straps.

In order to create a product that looks good and also can take a punch we have used the advanced textile material of Cordura® which is a fabric that is used in some of the world’s most demanding environments and military equipment. For the best results always use the bag with gloves or at the very least Hand wraps, this is not only to protect your hands but you will naturally get a better distribution of your energy when wearing them. Short bursts of energy are the best method of training you can do with the bag so get in and hit it hard for 30 seconds then recover for 30 seconds before going in for a second bout. Some bags have the hanging straps simply sewn into the top of the bag, we found that not only does this make them weaker but it also causes them to spin around and get twisted. To overcome this we have added the extra attention to detail and positioned the straps deeper down on the bag to stop the spinning and also used rivets rather than just stitching to increase durability.

Did you know?
Before we decided upon the final design our product testing team experimented with a variety of fillings for our punch bags. As a result, this bag has a blend of different materials to ensure it achieves high impact cushioning but also is hard wearing.

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