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AbTronic Free Action Sport-Elec series

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FREE ACTION all in one device! Stimulates your nerves to contract your muscles. It will give you an additional strong muscle workout and is easy and painless. 94 advanced programs divided into 14 categories “Sport” and “Health”, are optimized to meet all your needs.

AbTronic™ Free Action Pack

AbTronic™ FREE ACTION: Proven effectiveness, easy to use with responsive touch screen and Wi-Fi wireless connection!
The unit helps to improve your performance! It is light weight and you can carry it everywhere you go!

FREE ACTION all in one device! Stimulates your nerves to contract your muscles. It improve your muscle endurance, performace and helps on muscle recovery after your workout. It is portable, easy and painless to use. The perfect training companion for all your workout needs.

Abtronic Free Action Sport-Elec comes with 94 advanced programs which is divided into 14 categories under “Sport” and “Health”  optimized to meet all your training needs.

We recommend to combine EMS with gym workout for maximum results.


Abtronic Sport-Elec Free Action


  • The ultimate muscle recovery & trainer specially designed for athletes
  • Speed up Recovery & reduce muscle tension, pain & avoid injury
  • Enhance muscle performance, strength & endurance
  • Focus on arms, legs, biceps, triceps & abdominal muscle
  • Wireless connection with large LCD touch screen for maximum flexibility
  • 4 independent motors work your muscles maximum efficiency
  • Medical European CE Approval for proven result

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