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Adidas 7ft Olympic Bar

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Adidas 7ft Olympic Bar

• chrome plated finish

• durable solid steel construction

• spring clip collars

• 20kg weight

An 'Olympic' bar is not 'just' a bar, it is an item of precision engineering. Specially designed to reduce torsional force, the ends of the bar have metal sleeves with ball bearings fitted inside to allow the weight plates to spin when the bar is lifted quickly.

To be your best
Practicing the classic lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, clean and press will expose your body to an extremely efficient and productive movement pattern. 6-8 reps with 75 80% of your 1RM (see below) will help you gain size whilst 15 -20 reps with approx 80% of you heaviest weight will work on developing lean defined muscles.

Coach says
If you are aiming to develop strength, first you have to know what your 1RM (1 Rep Max) is that's the most weight that you can lift for a single repetition on each exercise in your programme. When you know this you can then work out percentages of each max to use as training challenges.

Designer notes
Competition bars weigh 3-4 times as much as our adidas training bar however we have still engineered each the bar to exhibit a subtle balance of stiffness and flex. Stiffness gives you a sense of trust in the bar when you re lifting heavy weights whilst the flex ensures that you get the desired sensation of spin from the end sleeves when you 'whip' the bar overhead at speed

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