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Adidas Adjustable Wrist support ADSU-12224

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Adidas Adjustable Wrist Support 
The adjustable range of supports from Adidas represents a step forward in support wear design.  each support is crafted from a combination of materials to give you support and the ability to adjust the fit to achieve a personalized level of support, compression and comfort.
Adidas Adjustable Wrist Support

Adidas Adjustable Wrist Support has been designed out of a breathable neoprene fabric that provides a durable, slip-proof and moist-free grip. The support also consists of polyester that enables soft and comfortable wear. This product is modeled to help the wrist move freely and sustain during rigorous activities. The wrist support comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that enables one size to fit wrists of all sizes.

  • Adidas - perfect support during training, with a cool design 
  • Soft Material Support bandages with an innovative design. 
  • Breathable stretchy neoprene for excellent temperature regulation and an optimal fit. 
  • Supports your joints during training
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