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Adidas Fitness Mat

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Adidas Fitness Mat

• Thick padded surface

• Roll up fixing straps

• 170 x 60cm

The primary role of a fitness mat is to enhance comfort and performance during floor based exercises, this is our extra thick mat that is designed to do just that. The mat has a textured finish on both sides meaning it will not only grip the floor but also give you a secure feeling when you are standing directly on it with bare feet. Long enough for full body stretching and thick enough for ground based strength and power moves.

To be your best
If you want speed, power, endurance and strength then you need to stretch your muscles as well as work them, developing strength in short muscles will only ever lead to reduced performance so make sure you include stretching in every exercise session you ever do no excuses

Coach says
Many, many soft tissue injuries, aches and pains are avoidable if only people would stretch muscles as much as they like to work them. If you want to develop a body for GO not SHOW then stretching is key to getting results.

Designer notes
It's a subtle feature but our coaching team like the three stripe design embossed on the centre of the mat as it enables them to line their body up with it to ensure good posture throughout all the moves and stretches.

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