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Adidas Floor Guards

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Adidas Fitness Mat

• High density construction

• 4 per pack with edge trim

• Interlocking 61 x 61cm

Adidas hardware is predominantly designed to help you to perform better and get results whereas these floor guards are designed to protect your property drop a weight on the floor and you will most likely damage the surface but you can protect your property from low velocity strikes by standing on these mats.

To be your best
The 120cm x 120cm area means that even the tallest athlete can stand with their feet apart on these mats ensuring the optimum positions for all the classic free-weight and kettlebell moves can be achieved

Coach says
Every gym in the world has a sign saying 'Don't drop the weights'! But, when you are training hard and fast sometimes accidents happen so it makes sense to have this extra level of protection

Designer notes
It's always interesting for designers to see how people interact with products that we design these were conceived just to protect the floor below equipment but users also seem to like the space it gives them to perform fast circuit training sessions as well.

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