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Adidas - Medicine Ball-1kg

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Adidas - Medicine Ball-1kg

• Textured rubber surface for improved grip

• Durable dense rubber construction

• Large diameter for multi grip exercises

• Ideal for functional core strength training

A classic with a modern twist. Medicine balls have traditionally been about simply being a heavy object that you lift and throw around in the old school gymnasium, but since we learnt the importance of exercising 'core' muscles the humble med ball has become a Personal Training tool that adds speed, balance and agility to every session whilst still being able to offer up the traditional strength gains. The texture and size of the adidas ball means that you can use it not only as a weight but also as a balance and strength enhancing tool.

To be your best
All the best medicine ball exercises involve twisting and bending rather than moves that go in straight lines. The adidas training experts would call this tri-planar movement pattern, but to keep things simple just think of movements that involve multiple joints rather than just one joint at a time.

Coach says
Try this for an amazing addition to boring sit ups place an adidas medicine ball between your knees then as you do your regular sit up movement squeeze the ball firmly with your inner thigh muscles, this will activate more than 20 additional muscles that lay dormant during normal sit ups.

Designer notes
Because we achieve the balls weight by means of a solid outer surface and hollow interior you can drop and even bounce the balls for speed and reaction training.

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