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Adidas Solid Olympic Curl Bar

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Adidas Solid Olympic Curl Bar

• chrome plated finish with rotating ends

• durable solid steel construction

• includes 2 weight plate collars

An Olympic bar is not just a bar - it is an item of precision engineering. Specially designed to reduce torsional force, the ends of the bar have metal sleeves with ball bearings fitted inside to allow the weight plates to spin when the bar is lifted quickly. The Solid Olympic Curl Bar is a mid-length bar with a semi-hammer grip configuration designed specifically to work your biceps, forearms and front deltoids. Hammer grip is considered to be the optimal hand position to target the bicep muscles during curl, row and roll out moves.

To be your best
Isolate the biceps by keeping your elbows pulled in tight against your body whilst curling the bar, and maximise the 'rotating' ends to the bar by allowing for a faster lifting motion. When seated, lean forwards slightly to pre-load the muscles. If you are working on 21's (where you only perform a small movement) make sure when you do the full range set that you really finish every repetition.

Coach says
Your bicep muscles are approximately one third of the diameter of your arm, but we know you guys like to give those guns a little extra attention so do this; superset with some full range curls followed straight after by push ups (double the reps on push ups because the chest is also in action.

Designer notes
All our adidas bars provide both stiffness and flex in their design so you can trust in the bar when you’re lifting heavy weights, whilst the flex ensures that you get the desired sensation of spin from the end sleeves when you curl the bar at speed.

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