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Adidas Tricep Curl bar-30MM

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Adidas Tricep Curl bar-30MM

• Hammer grip configuration to work triceps and rear deltoids

• Chrome plated finish

• Durable solid steel construction

• Spin lock collars

A mid-length bar with a hammer grip configuration designed specifically to work your triceps and rear deltoids. Hammer grip is considered to be the optimal hand position to target the triceps muscles during press, row and roll out moves.

To be your best
You need to combine both isolation work where you train the triceps on their own but also include some compound work where the triceps act as part of an integrated movement pattern (triceps, shoulders and chest all working together).

Coach says
Your tricep muscles make up approximately two thirds of the diameter of your arm which means it makes sense to give them plenty of attention, so do this; superset with some full range tricep press followed straight after by push ups (double the reps on push ups because the chest is also in action). Go for heavy weights and low reps

Designer notes
Spin lock collars will lock the weights in place firmer than slip on collars and that means you have to work harder to control these at both slow and faster speeds.

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