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Adidas Weight Vest

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Adidas Weight Vest

• Total weight: 4.8kg

• 10 removable 0.45kg weights

• Adjustable velcro waist belt

• Pocket for MP3 player

• One size fits all

The adidas weight vest specifically designed to distribute the weight evenly across the torso whilst also enabling the wearer to move freely. The vest incorporates a wide Velcro waist belt so that it can easily be worn over layers of training apparel.

To be your best
The weight modules of the vest are removable so you can vary the load depending on the purpose of the training session. The vest is suitable for both high and low impact activity and is an easy way of adding intensity to both skeletal muscles and the demands upon the cardio respiratory system.

Coach says
Live in this thing during off season training and warm up sessions then when you take it off you will float like a butterfly!

Designer notes
We felt it was really important that you actually liked wearing this vest because if it was uncomfortable then you would just leave it in your kit bag so we think you will really appreciate the 'soft' metal weights that we have specified as they really add to the comfort score.

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