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AIBI Game Bike AB-B555

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Gamers are "couch-potatoes" by nature. Ask any gamer and they'll tell you that spending 8 hours playing a game is healthy.

Unhealthy as it is, it's tough to start exercising when you got to stop alien invasions, terrorist and collect all that precious coins! Introducing AIBI's Exercise Gaming Bike!

Play games as you cycle your fats away. AIBI's exercise bike comes with a controller specifically for your gaming needs as you burn those calories and fats away!

Keep your workout indoors and have fun while you’re at it with this AIBI exercise bike that burns calories faster than the time it takes you to raid your refrigerator!

This magnetic exercise bike comes equipped with functions that enable you to hook up your favourite gaming devices so you can indulge in some gaming fun while you battle your bulge.

So don’t let your workouts be a bore with this fitness machine and get in shape the fun way.

  • Play games as you sweat it out
  • When you are having this much fun, you will forget about all the calories and fat you are burning
  • Controller employs "motion sensor" technology to provide accurate steering input
  • Wireless controls for PC and all major video games
  • Supports PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii
  • Long battery life for 12 hours of uninterrupted play
  • Includes cables for XBOX 360 & Wii
  • PS3 Cable is available at an additional $20
  • Wide range of controller functions and fitness monitoring functions, like the pulse and heart rate sensors on the handle bars that make the gaming and fitness experience immersive
  • Belt driven magmatic internal bike system provides a smooth ride every time
  • Specially designed selector knob lets you quickly switch between 8 levels of resistance on the fly
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