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AIBI Kettle Bell (18-26kg)

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AIBI Kettle Bell (18-26kg)
Kettlebell training improves wrist strength, tendon and ligament strength and develops enhanced flexibility. Come with a variation of weight from 8-48kg.

ZANFIT's Starlite Pro-Grade Kettle bells are the best for anyone who is into kettle bell training. They have the same dimensions and handles throughout the weights which allows one to progress onto heavier weights without having to relearn the technical details due to the shape of the kettle bell.

The unique design of ZANFIT's Starlite Pro-Grade Kettle bell lend itself suitable for high repetition lifting with its slimmer handle and shape of the kettlebell which rest well in the rack position. ZANFIT's Starlite Pro-Grade Kettle bell are the standard used in international kettlebell competitions.

• Build a lean, strong, flexible & resilient body!
• Burn 20.0 calories/ minute!
• Delivers extreme all-around fitness!

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