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AIBI Speed Bag

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Inflating Instructions:

  1. Before inflating unfold the ball with both hands working it so that the ball become softer. 
  2. Once unfolded ensure the bladder is positioned in the centre of the ball.
  3. Before inflating apply a drop of silicon oil to the valve. 
  4. Insert the pump ensuring you do not put pressure on the ball as this may damage the bladder. 
  5. Initially inflate the ball 0.0 Lbs to 0.8 Lbs. Then inflate full recommended pressure. 
  6. When using in frost weather ensure the ball is completely dry before use.

Develop your reflexes and improve your quickness and hand-eye coordination with this light-weight bag designed for rapid recoiling. Top grade materials are used for long-lasting durability. Balanced for accurate rebounds. Swivel not included.


  • Made of top grade material
  • Designed for durability
  • Shaped and balanced for accurate rebounds


Choose from 2 Sizes:

  • Medium
  • Large
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