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Facial Fitness Pao

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Facial Fitness Pao
Shape up, Face up with Facial Fitness Pao
Shape up, Face up!
MTG Pacific is committed to bringing out everyone's maximum potential, through products that complement a healthy lifestyle, and encourage beauty, the natural way.

Facial fitness, for youthful face 
Introducing a new method for training your facial muscles against sagging, wrinkles and smile lines.


The effectiveness of strengthening facial muscles

Superficial measures such as cosmetics and massages cannot restore the firmness of the muscles that form the foundation of your face. By exercising the muscles around your mouth, you can focus on "internally" caring for those areas of the face which tend to show early signs of aging such as the laugh lines, facial contour and the corners of your mouth.


Exercise your facial muscles maintains your youthful facial features.

To maintain your best and youtuful face, exercising your facial muscles is a important thing for good. The 3 important points to work on are as follows.





Product Specification

Model Number FF-PO1858F-W (White)
FF-PO1858F-N (Black)
Contents FACIAL FITNESS PAO x 1, Mouthpiece x 1, Mouthpiece Case x 1, Balance Weights (mint green x 2, pink x 2, rose gold x 2), pouch
Size Approximately 540mm × 65mm × 35mm
Materials Thermoplastic polyurethane, stainless-steel, polycarbonate+ABS plastic


Balance Weights

Select the weights that best fit your training or according to your facial condition.

Size Approximately 61mm × 28mm × 10mm
Materials Zinc, ABS plastic
Weight Mint Green (each) - 18g 
Pink (each) - 23g 
Rose Gold (each) - 28g



Keep mouthpiece clean and hygienic! Always remove and wash the mouthpiece after use, and store it in the carrying case.

Model Number POM/W (White)
POM/N (Black)
Size Approximately 43mm × 36mm x 40mm
Materials Thermoplastic elastomers



Each set comes with an easy to carry pouch that allows you to continue your PAO training at work, travel or anywhere.

Size Approximately 118mm × 600mm
Materials Polyester
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