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Reebok Boxing Mitts

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Reebok Boxing Mitts

Reebok Boxing Mitts come with 2 colours.

These mitts protect and guide your hands into the safest and most comfortable position for when you are performing pad work. They are the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe if you like doing Body Combat® classes or any other session that involves you getting your 'fight face' on.

This style of gloves is all about light, short sharp accurate strikes so think 'bang bang bang' rather than 'thud thud thud'.

We found the a high quality PU material was actually superior for this style of glove because you might want to use it every day in which case the fast drying material has its advantages over natural leather.

Did you know?
If you want to wear these mitts in a circuit style class then team them up with the hand wraps so that you can pull them on and off quickly but still maintain that 'ready for action' look.

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