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Reebok Foam Roller

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The simple foam roller is a product that has the ability to change your body and make you instantly feel better. The method to achieve this improvement has a very technical name (myofacial release) but is actually very easy to do.

That is a very bold claim but rollers like this have been used by physiotherapist for many years to release tension in muscle fibres and improve the mobility and flexibility of joints and muscles.

The idea is that you find a 'tight' or tense area of muscle then you roll that area of your body on top of the roller and your bodyweight does the job that would normally be done by a sports masseur. It is very obvious when you find a tight spot in the muscle and you then roll back and forth over that area until you feel the discomfort reduce, this can range from 5-15 passes over the affected area but the results can also be instant.

For something so simple there is a lot of development involved to get the product performing correctly – make the foam too soft and it will crush (this is the case with cheap rollers) but if you make it too firm them it can so harsh that you'll not enjoy using it which is counterproductive, with this in mind we think that we have got it just right!

Did you know?
Foam rolling has now gone beyond being a rehabilitation technique as our Reebok training experts highlight the fact that foam rolling is incorporated into the warming up process of many athletes who rely upon a full range of motion and explosive muscle action to be at the top of their sport (fortunately us mere mortals can enjoy the benefits without having to also perform at the highest level).

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