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Reebok Hook & Jab Pads

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Reebok Hook & Jab Pads
The reason for using these pads is to develop skill. Fortunately a bi- product of that skill is that you can get extremely fit whilst practicing. If you are wearing the pads that makes you the 'target' make sure that you keep the pads close to your body to recreate the most realistic situation for the person punching having your hands out wide might make you feel safe but actually being hit out here is less desirable for both of you.

Reebok's experience of making premium quality boxing products goes back over a decade and during that time the attitude towards boxing and MMA style of training has changed significantly, back then equipment was more basic than today's products. The PU fabric we use ensures a robust product that is also comfortable and safe to use.

We noticed that some hook and jab pads didn't have an individual section for each of the wearers fingers, this makes controlling the pads challenging so we have engineered in to our design a separate anatomically correct section for each of your five fingers

Did you know?
H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) is rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of workout, our Reebok training experts say this is because you can get fantastic results from sessions that last under 20 minutes and pad work is exactly the type of exercise that fits into this model of exercise.

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