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Reebok Yoga Block

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We designed the Yoga block so that you can place it on the floor to give you three different heights and we also smoothed off the edges to give you the very best 'connection' with your hands and feet when you are pressing on the block.

This product can transform the way you think about stretching because it enables you to relax into stretches that have previously been beyond your ability. By placing the block under your hands, knees or feet it dramatically adjusts the position of joints to enhance or subdue stretches to make them more comfortable and enjoyable.

If there is a stretch that you struggle with place the block under one of the contact points, for example if you have trouble touching your toes put the block under your heels and then try the stretch with it in position – after a few sessions you are likely to find that your flexibility has improved enough to reduce your reliance on the block and you can do the stretch without it. Also a classic yoga pose like a Down Dog is improved by placing your hands on the block rather than directly on the floor.

Did you know?
Even the very best practitioners of yoga sometimes use a yoga block so don't think this product is just for beginners – with flexibility you never actually stop improving and if you should think that you have reached your full potential you'll always need to keep up a maintenance programme to stop all your previous hard work going to waste

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