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Reebok Yoga Mat

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Reebok Yoga Mat

Reebok Yoga mats are really all about the 'grip' rather than their cushioning credentials however this 0.4mm floor skin still manages to give you a degree of separation between you and the floor which makes it feel good to use.

Yoga mats are often described as being 'sticky' but don't worry that doesn't mean the mat has any kind of glue on it, no, what we do is create a special texture on the mat so that you can grip it when you are doing stretches or yoga poses, the most authentic way to do this is to be bare foot so that you can get a really good connection with the ground.

Attention to detail really counts on simple products so notice that we have only put our Reebok logo on one surface of the mat – this means that you know which side which side is for lying on (that means you get to lie on the clean side every time).

Did you know?
Yoga is one of the oldest and most respected forms of exercise and aims to improve a diverse range of objectives ranging from the obvious improvements to flexibility and muscle tone through to the more mysterious like some people believing it can act as an antidepressant and mood enhancer.

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