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Yano Ring Sport

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Yano Ring, one of Japan's newest innovation by a certified chiropractic doctor, Koichi Yano, is a compact health maintenance equipment to rebalance one's body posture just within 3 months.

Among the people of today, misalignment is caused by the action of the side arch as it becomes depressed, which can lead to stumbling and falling. When the elderly fall even when nothing is around, this is likely the cause. The Yano Ring is a health maintenance tool created by the developer’s desire to prevent his elderly mother from falling.


Helps menstrual pain・Regulates periods・Reduces foot & lower body swelling・Improves pelvis
misalignment and divergence・Eliminates belly fat & insomnia・Fixes poor circulation・Helps bow legs, knock knees, and back pain・Relieves stiff shoulders・Boosts cleavage and hips with better posture

Effective for Sports

Level up your strength
Stop fatigue
Boost core training
Enhance sports performance
Increase workout results
Strengthen balance in workouts
Improve jogging results
Elevate jumping power
Refine balance

Prevents Falls in the Elderly!

Your toes are unable to rise when you have bad posture, causing you to fall even when there’s nothing to trip you.

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