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Adidas Full Body Weight Vest

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Adidas Training Vest

• Total weight: 10.7kg

• 9 variable, flexible weight inserts

• Secure zip up pockets

• Balanced weight distribution

• Adjustable buckle and straps

• Zip up design for close fit

• One size fits all

The jacket of all jackets! 10Kg of weight spread evenly over your entire upper body adds resistance to every move you make. The jacket first closes with its full length zip to create a snug fit then has the added grip from the elasticated buckle belt. The 'body' of the jacket is lined with a soft material to allow you to wear it directly against your skin or over your workout apparel. The internal weights are soft and mould to your body and can be removed to personalise the fit and also to modify the intensity of your workout.

To be your best
Just putting this jacket on makes you feel like an action hero so channel that energy into running, jumping, squats and lunges, because the weights sit close to your body meaning that you move naturally and with precision.

Coach says
Wearing this jacket is like having an unfair advantage or a secret training partner all the time you are wearing it you are building strengths that when you strip off the vest you will be able to unleash as performance gains. 10kg may not sound like much weight but it is more than enough to activate increased energy costs (fat burning) and strength gains in the upper and lower body.

Designer notes
know the jacket performs fantastically but we also think it looks great, on top of that it is both breathable and machine washable. Like coach says, it's your new secret training partner'. The neck line is lined to minimise friction and the arm holes are 'cut' deep to allow the shoulders and arms to move freely.

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