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Adidas Professional Grip Trainer

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Adidas Professional Grip Trainer

• Easy grip

• Improves grip strength

Beneficial for weightlifting and all racket sports

Your body is only as strong as the weakest link so small muscles in your forearms, hands and wrists play an essential role in any exercise that involves lifting weights. These angled springs allow for graded resistance to be used to train for hand strength and grip endurance.

To be your best
Train your grip strength during your 'down time' rather than during a full workout because these grip trainers are designed to challenge and fatigue your grip temporarily which is not what you want in the middle of a full body training session. Your 'grip muscles' are multi task muscles so ensure that you combine moving squeezes with static holds.

Coach says
are many types of activity that get used to test 'fitness' including blood pressure, heart rate, and forward flexion (touching your toes) but one of the simplest and most popular strength tests is the 'grip test'. It has been shown that a good grip has a knock on effect to other muscles further along the kinetic chain.

Designer notes
Your hand is a fantastic piece of 'engineering' that ensures that your muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones all operate in harmony, so to ensure that the grip trainer complements this, the strength demands adjust depending upon where and how you hold the grip. Hold the gripper with your thumb close to the spring and your fingers will do the work or rotate it 180 degrees in your hand and the muscles of the thumb will take over.

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