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Adidas Professional Speed Rope

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Adidas Professional Speed Rope

• 2.8m length

• Easy Grip

• Low resistance bearings

The advancement and development of new materials means that the old fashioned leather rope is no longer the only or best option. This 'rope is easily adjustable and can be cut to length to suit your height, it's light and fast which means you can concentrate on foot speed without the need to first develop upper body strength.

To be your best
For a holistic approach to conditioning you should think about including some full range upper and lower body moves as part of your work out squat, press ups and sit ups are all fast track options that will compliment your skipping perfectly. Skipping manages to be a spectacular cardiovascular exercise that with some practice almost everybody can benefit from.

Coach says
The Pro rope has a slightly slimmer handle than our regular speed rope so the inertia that is created by spinning the rope is greater and will target the shoulder muscles to enhance the exercise even more try skipping in front of a mirror, this will give you invaluable feedback on your technique and posture.

Our Adidas training experts are divided on what the best type of handle is on a skipping rope, some of them like the minimalist approach whilst the others like to have something more substantial to hold on to so on this 'Pro' version we have decreased the handle size but maintained the rubber grip for extra control.

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