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Adidas Skipping Rope

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Adidas Skipping Rope ADRP-11011 offers an alternative cardio option. With easy grip handles and adjustable length, the rope helps tailor your workout to optimise your training.


  • 3m length
  • Adjustable rope
  • Comfort grip handle

Skipping is an exercise that has been widely used for decades to build endurance, speed and agility. The advancement and development of new materials means that the old fashioned leather rope is no longer the only option. This 'rope is easily adjustable and can be cut to length to suit your height, it's light and fast which means you can concentrate on foot speed without the need to first develop upper body strength.

To be your best
This may seem like odd advice but because skipping at speed requires some practice and skill our adidas training experts advise that you practice your technique without the rope in your hands then once you have learnt some rhythm pick it up and you will find that you can skip for longer without stepping on the rope.

Coach says
You can use this rope for both high and low intensity workouts which means that you perform sessions as short as six minutes and achieve an improvement to your cardiovascular efficiency.

Designer Notes
Our approach to the handle design of this rope was minimalist so that you can actually have a 'finger tips' grip on the handle; this gives a real lightness to the movement which we think you will enjoy and appreciate.

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