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Adidas Speed Rope

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Adidas Speed Rope

• Integral bearing for speed training

• 3m length

• Adjustable rope

• Comfort foam handle

Old school design with full size 'fat' handles making it perfect to use whilst you are wearing boxing hand wraps. Being adjustable in length you can personalise the rope to suit your style short for fast and furious and long for slower but stronger strokes. The integrated ball bearing translates your force into speed in the rope giving you both speed and strength in a single session.

To be your best
A burst of skipping can be used as your warm up before you move on to other exercises but to gain maximum effects blend it in to your workout for both aerobic and anaerobic system gains.

Coach says
A speed rope, a bar bell and a mat are the perfect low budget, short on time and space products. Mix up how long and how fast you use each item for and you should have an infinite number of combinations for your WOD (workout of the day).

Designer notes
This is the longest rope in the range making it both versatile and potentially the most challenging, the length is adjustable so you can shorten it if you wish however leaving it long will add power and skill challenges to the users workout.

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