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Adidas Swivel Push-Up Bars

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Adidas Swivel Push-Up Bars

• Builds upper body and core strength

• Unique swivel/fixed action

• Smooth bearing disc

• Elevated design increases push up range

How do you improve on such a perfect exercise as a push up? By adding rotation of course. The Swivel push up bars enable you to lock out your wrist and swivel as you lower in to the push up position, this calls upon more chest and shoulder muscle than a regular push up meaning bigger, better results in less time.

To be your best
To target arms and shoulders place the hand grips below your shoulder and rotate outwards as you drop down. To target the chest set them slightly wider than your shoulders, then rotate them outwards before you drop down before rolling them back inwards on the 'up phase' of the push up.

Coach says
We see too many shoulder injuries so finding new ways to strengthen and protect the shoulder (in particular the rotator cuff) is a priority for us, so this ticks all the boxes as a gadget that does its job.

Designer notes
Because the swivel unit is loaded with body weight when it rotates, to get a smooth movement rather than just rely on a friction system we have integrated a smooth moving ball bearing disc system in to the body of the push up bars. This movement is so smooth we realised that it may be too challenging for some users so we have included a locking system that enables you to 'turn off' the spin system until you feel you are ready for it.

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