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AIBI Vibro Therapist LT1

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Stand for a toe-to-top therapy that’s simply more effective. At the touch of a button, let the power of bio magnetism and physical vibration combined with the principle of reflexology work its magic on you.

How does it work?
• Positive and negative biomagnetic energy can regularise your body at molecular and hormonal levels
• Biomagnetic therapy is widely used to improve blood circulation and reduce pain
• Physical vibration massages your skin and stimulates energy meridian points on your skin’s surface for health effect similar to reflexology treatment.

Health Benefits
• Better blood circulation
• More supple, glowing skin
• Fewer body aches and pains
• Better sleep at night
• Less tiredness
• Healthier muscles
• More regular bowel movements
• Healthier lymphatic system
• Stronger immune system
• Quicker elimination of toxins

For Aches & Pains
• Help Relieve Pain caused by the accumulation of toxin in the body due to poor circulation
• Help relieve migraines by reducing muscle tension and improving blood circulation to the head
• Help reduce backache by massaging back muscle and improving blood circulation along the torso

For Beauty & Youth
• Help beautify skin by making cells healthier and eliminating toxin for a smooth, health glow
• Tones selected Muscles
• Help you look younger by stimulating the scalp to fight hair loss

For Better Health
• Help high blood pressure/high cholesterol patients find a way to exercise without having to set aside too much time
• Helps gout problem through the strong vibration therapy effect. Drink lots of water after use.
• Help stroke patients exercise their body without exertion

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