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Reebok Speed Rope

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Reebok Weighted Speed Rope
45 grams of weight doesn't sound much but the accumulative effect of having that weight in the handle of the rope adds up when you skip for just a few minutes

In fact, the small rhythmic action that your hands are working against actually radiates up through your arms and into your chest and shoulders.

Our Reebok training experts have a saying, learn it then work it, that means that their advice here is to practice your technique first without the weight and then add the 'load' (metal rods) to the handles when skipping has become natural and rhythmic for you.

You can fine tune the length of this rope without having to cut it so you might find that your technique changes slightly as your fitness improves and that lengthening or shortening the rope helps this with the weighted rope you can make this adjustment in seconds.

Did you know?
If you get really good at skipping it is possible for it to actually become relaxing in the same way that some people use yoga to clear their mind others find that the rhythmic movement of skipping actually helps them to clear their mind and just put their body on auto pilot.

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