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Refa Active WF

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Refa Active
Bring out your full potential with Refa Active


Apply as much pressure as your body needs. Condition and restore your body equilibrium.

ReFa ACTIVE's Wide Fit Pressure Functionality is ideal for kneading your muscles and improving circulation. By varying how much you press down on its specially designed handle, you can easily control the amount of pressure you apply to a targeted area.

Replicates the 'grasp and squeeze' action inspired by a sports trainer's massage techniques.



Specially shaped rollers knead the flesh and condition the skin.

The multi-faceted double drainage* rollers grip the flesh with precision and can be moved along complex contours of the body to knead the targeted area and stimulate circulation. You can also change the usage to match the situation: a slow rolling movement provides a soothing massage while a quick rolling yields a brisk and stimulating massage.

* Drainage is a technique that estheticians often perform, and does not express any effect the product has on your body.



Generates microcurrents which are favored by athletes the world over.

Emits microcurrents by taking in light from the two solar panels placed on each side.

What is microcurrents?

Microcurrents are low intensity electrical currents that closely resemble the biological currents produced by the body.


Flexibly adjust the pressure and width to apply rolling to your body just the way you want it.

Specially structured for adjustable rolling width and pressure, ReFa ACTIVE features a stimulating streamlined form – an innovative design that embodies functionality and style.



FOR ACTIVE: Treat yourself to the kind of care your body needs.

Warm Up

Use during warm-up exercises to gently stimulate your body or during work breaks to relax your muscles.


Roll the device back and forth in the area between your waist and elbow. Start from the inner side and gradually move the device away from you.

Upper arms

Care separately for the upper part and the lower part. Roll the device thoroughly up to the border of the shoulder for the upper part, and near the armpit for the lower part.


Roll the device from the ankle to the back of the knee. In addition, also roll it on the soles of your feet.


Roll up and down along the back of your neck, with a particular focus on the base of your neck and the part below the back of your head.

Cooling Down

Use for extensive massage treatments during cool down exercises or after hard workouts.

Upper Arms

Care separately for the upper part and the lower part. Roll deeper and thoroughly up to the parts near the borders of the shoulder and armpit. 


Roll the device in the area between your knee and around the base of your thigh. The point is to first careful focus on the areas around your knees.

 Abdominal Area

Roll the device diagonally along the oblique abdominal muscles. Roll up to around the area below the ribs.

 Lower Back

Roll up and down along the curve of your body between your hip and the part above your waist line.

FOR  BEAUTY: Apply along facial or body contours to improve skin texture and tone.

Facial Care & Body Care

Face Line

Care for the face line by rolling the device from the part below the corner of your mouth, along the contours of your face. Roll as to lift up your skin.


While pressing the armpit, roll the device towards the center of your breast as to condition the breasts that may have grown apart.


Roll the device diagonally. Roll as to lift the flesh up.


Roll the device along the hip as to shape your hips. Roll up to the perlvis.

For Relaxation Time


Roll up and down along the back of your neck with a comfortable pressure and speed. 

During Bath Time

You may use the device during bath time as it is waterproof.
*After use, drain the device thoroughly before storing it.

Lymph Node and Muscle

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