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ReFa RHYTHM Black wood

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ReFa RHYTHM Black wood

Crafted upon traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage, the ReFa RHYTHM* relieves stiffness in facial mimetic muscles while promoting circulation for lifted contours. This roller’s 50 evenly-spaced projections delivers soothing, rhythmic perpendicular stimulation deep into facial muscles to enhance skin health and glow. *Roller only suitable for use on the face


ReFa Rhythm
It acts directly on the mimetic muscles to help loosen stiffness and increase blood flow.
The innovative new beauty roller targets facial stiffness, a condition that prevents you from having a healthy and beautiful-looking expression, 50 evenly-spaced projections provide direct, perpendicular stimulation to the mimetic muscles, creating a soothing rhythm that helps visibly diminish facial tension* while helping to improve circulation for a brighter and clearer-looking expression.
*The effects of the ReFa Rhythm (reduced muscle tension and fatigue) can only be felt when the projections on each roller are pressed against the skin.)

Studded Drainage Roller
The 25 equally-aligned projections on each of the two Studded Drainage rollers make it possible to apply perpendicular stimulation to the mimetic muscles.

A solar panel embedded in the handle converts available light into a very mild, soothing microcurrent.

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Length 8.8000
Width 5.3000
Height 16.5000
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