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Slendertone’s Bottom Toner is the most effective way to lift and re-shape your bottom. It uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology that mimics the body’s natural muscles movement by stimulating the nerves where they are closest together, generating strong, deep yet comfortable contractions to tone and strengthen muscles.

Just as if you were working out in the gym, Slendertone’s Bottom Toner visibly tightens and firms your muscles, giving you a shapelier bottom. All this in just four to eight weeks, giving you plenty of time for your buns to look bootilicious in your bikini. Used in conjunction with Slendertone's 30-day toning plan and a normal, healthy diet, clinical trials have shown that a staggering nine out of ten users reported an improvement in the shape of their bottoms! With a sleek and feminine design that can conveniently be worn underneath your clothes, you don’t need to let toning interfere with your everyday life.

Slendertone Bottom Toner uses advanced toning technology, proven to lift, shape and firm your bottom. Conveniently worn underneath your clothes, the Slendertone Bottom Toner gives you a firmer, more uplifted bottom.

It is every girl’s dream to effortlessly fill up a bold, figuring-hugging dress and turn heads while in it. With the Slendertone bottom toner, expect to tone up your gluteus muscles, lift your lovely bottom and see results in 4 weeks! Just 20 minutes on the bottom toner is scientifically equivalent to 120 leg lifts. Select from 99 intensity levels and 4 bottom-toning programmes from Beginner to Advanced. Amaze yourself with a lifted bottom, reduce the look of cellulite and look the very best in your clothes. Rebuild your wardrobe from ground up. Or rather, butt up.

  • This garment fits sizes 6-12 (Waist: 24"-32" / 61-81cm; Hips: 32"-38" / 81-97cm)
  • Use 4 times a week for a toned and uplifted bottom in 4 to 8 weeks!
  • Tone the muscles, lifts the bottom - 99 intensity level 4 programmes.
  • Results in 4-8 weeks

Slendertone Bottom Toner features:

  • Features Slendertone's patented technology
  • 0 -99 Intensity levels allow you to develop and strengthen your muscles
  • 4 programmes
  • Intelligent training system to auto progress through the programmes
  • Built in warm up and cool down phases to ensure correct muscle usage
  • Certified to medical safety standards
  • Clinically proven results:
  • Used in conjunction with Slendertone's 30-day toning plan and a normal, healthy diet, independent clinical trials have shown:
  • 9 out of 10 users reported an improvement in shape
  • 8 out of 10 reported their clothes felt looser
  • 7 out of 10 reported a more uplifted and well defined bottom

What's in the box:

  • Rechargeable Controller
  • UK/European Charger
  • Bottom Toner garment 1 set of 4 adhesive pads
  • Slendertone branded pouch
  • Manual & Quick Start Guide
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